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Real Estate & Commercial Lease

Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of commercial lease and real estate, together with long practical experience of the property market and good understanding of the client’s business.

Our advisory services are based on delivering added value and commercial benefit to our clients. Our strength lies in our specialisation and our practical experience of handling situations that can arise during the life-cycle of a property. We will be glad to help you with your property-related questions.


  • We advise well-established players in the real estate sector, such as large real estate companies, international investors, property developers and industrial companies.

  • We have extensive experience of advising clients in real estate matters, whether it concern commercial lease, zoning plan matters, rights of use, management matters or other.

  • We have specialist knowledge within commercial tenancy for offices, retail, industry, hotels, public buildings, etc.

  • We have great experience of handling real estate cases and matters before courts of law and rent tribunals.

We regularly hold courses and seminars on real estate and commercial lease. Read more here or contact us.