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Skills development is important for achieving increased profitability.

Through training within the legal field, the risk of making mistakes in business is reduced and it is preventive in order to avoid disputes. As specialists on the law within our fields, we are happy to share our knowledge with you.


At Brick Advokat, we provide courses within the areas of construction law, real estate and commercial lease and public procurement. We offer courses open to all who are interested, as well as customised training tailored specifically to your business.


Our training courses always contain real-life examples so that the participants can relate to actual situations. We believe it is important that participants obtain tools for use in their day-to-day work. The training courses are usually alternated between theory and practical problem-solving. Our basic course offering includes the following courses:

  • Basic and advanced course in construction law.

  • Consulting law, consulting contracts and ABK 09 (General Conditions of Contract for Consulting Agreements for Architectural and Engineering Assignments).

  • Liability for defects and inspections.

  • Basic and advanced course in public procurement.

  • Public procurement of construction projects.

  • Basic and advanced course in commercial lease.

  • Commercial lease and construction law aspects of new construction and remodeling.


In our experience, there are often specific matters which an organisation wishes to address in-depth and develop. Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us more about your needs, together we will find a course suited specifically for you.

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