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Construction and consulting law represent one of the most complex and challenging areas of contract law.

Experience and specialist skills are both required in order to best address matters that arise. Our lawyers have extensive industry knowledge and experience of representing clients throughout the entire construction process, both in terms of a small construction project or a major infrastructure project. Our assignments often include reviewing and drafting contracts, giving advice on strategic considerations or disputes, and continuously handling matters relating to alterations and additional works, obstacles and notifications during the contract period.


  • We advise companies within most segments of the construction and consulting industry, including construction and installation companies, subcontractors and technical consultants.

  • We have extensive experience of all forms of construction and standard agreements in the industry.

  • We are very good knowledge of specific types of construction projects, such as installation, property management and maintenance agreements.

  • We are also retained as counsel in disputes and represent clients in judicial proceedings before courts of general jurisdiction, inspections and arbitration proceedings.


We regularly hold courses and seminars on construction law. Read more here or contact us.