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Dispute Resolution

Disputes are an inevitable part of business. We know that a dispute can be problematic as it shifts time and focus from the business.

We combine our experience and specialist expertise within dispute resolution with a strong focus on identifying a business optimised solution. With our long industry-specific experience, we serve as our clients’ strategic advisor and cooperation partner and assume overall responsibility for all stages of the dispute. We identify the best possible solution to the dispute based on the client’s business goals.

  • We successfully represent our clients in commercial litigation before courts of general jurisdiction, in arbitration proceedings and in alternative dispute resolutions.

  • Our lawyers are regularly appointed as arbitrators.

  • We have great experience of disputes within the construction and real estate industry, and we also handle other types of commercial disputes.

  • We are skilled in negotiation techniques and are used to representing our clients in negotiations in all stages of a dispute.

  • We also advise our clients on how to work proactively to avoid disputes arising.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice in a dispute situation or if you want to discuss preventive work.