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The work at Brick Advokat is characterised by quality and a team spirit.

The wellbeing of our employees is of crucial importance, with an open and respectful work environment. We share our knowledge, commitment and time with each other.


Brick Advokat is a modern workplace and we strive to achieve a gender balance. We also aim to achieve a working environment that is sustainable in the long term. It begins with an inclusive and familiar atmosphere at the office. All employees must feel secure and be able to have a work-life balance.


Our employees are offered to constantly develop to become even better lawyers with in-depth knowledge within our niche. We provide guidance and opportunities to develop the experience needed in order to achieve a high level of expertise within the profession. We work on exciting assignments close to our clients and with close cooperation between partners and associates.


When wishing to expand, we seek candidates who sets values high and find it important to work in a team with dedicated colleagues. We challenge and support each other with the goal of always assisting our clients in building better businesses.



We are a value-driven firm based on the following values.


Available positions

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