Public Procurement

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The public sector has a significant turn over each year. The majority of all purchases must be made in accordance with the procurement rules (including the Public Procurement Act and the Utilities Procurement Act), which can sometimes appear to be complicated and difficult.


With our long experience of public procurement and knowledge of the regulations, we can assist you in examining questions at all the stages of a procurement procedure. Our assignments often include reviewing procurement documents and tenders, contract interpretation and advice on strategic issues. In brief, what you need in order to focus on the business.



  • Within the area of procurement, we work primarily with suppliers, but are also experienced in representing contracting authorities and entities.
  • We are experienced in working with all types of procurement procedures within a number of different industries and areas.
  • Our procurement lawyers are particularly skilled within the areas of construction law and real estate, and consequently procurements within these areas constitute part of our core expertise.
  • We are also skilled in related areas of law, such as contract interpretation, public information and secrecy.
  • We are retained regularly as counsel in court proceedings related to public procurement, damages and contract disputes.

We regularly hold courses and seminars on public procurement. Read more here or contact us.